Yards - Excitation Thresholds

  • Yards - Excitation Thresholds
  • Yards - Excitation Thresholds
  • Yards - Excitation Thresholds

Yards - Excitation Thresholds

Yards are a 4 piece hardcore band from London which started life five years ago as the second band of all it's members (Ex-Ghost of a Thousand, Astrohenge, Econo, Nitkowski ) before accidentally becoming the primary focus of their creative energy.

After putting out 2 EPs in quick succession, the band took a year out to write and record 'Excitation Thresholds'. Recorded with Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios over a period of two weeks in the dead of winter, the album rattles through crusty thrash, artful noise, dirge rock to neo-classical drones, all in just over 30 minutes. If you needed a statement of intent from a hardcore band in 2017, you need look no further.

'Excitation Thresholds' takes you on an uneasy and dissonant journey that is awash with a range of influences; from its 'You Fail Me'-esque guitar tones that run throughout the record, to the use of eerie vocal effects on tracks like 'Bail Recommendation'. There are moments of doom-laden, bleakness and even clean, Radiohead-tinged passages. Yards have clearly developed what they presented on their EPs, and the result is in one of the most exciting and confident albums we have released to date.

At the outset of forming Truthseeker Music, one of our biggest wishes was to release a record by Yards; having been fans of both of their previously self released EPs, we jumped at the chance to work with the band. We are immensely proud to be releasing 'Excitation Thresholds', which we hope you will agree is nothing short of phenomenal, and almost unquestionably the most enthralling debut album of any band this year.

Track Listing

  1. Future Tyrants
  2. Capes Of Flesh
  3. Knowable & Whole
  4. War Tourist
  5. Everything You Love Reduced To Rubble
  6. The Attic
  7. BL-755
  8. Moon Choker
  9. Bail Recommendation
  10. The Shadow Stealer

Pressing Information

83 x Blue / Clear split
200 x Toxic Yellow

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