Earth Moves - The Absurd Man

  • Earth Moves - The Absurd Man
  • Earth Moves - The Absurd Man

Earth Moves - The Absurd Man

After their much beloved 2016 debut album, Earth Moves have returned with their new EP, 'The Absurd Man'.

‘The Absurd Man’ is one track, split into four parts and it explores the weight of both dishonesty and mistrust and the emotions that come with them both. These themes are frequently referenced throughout ‘The Truth in Our Bodies’ and this writing will feel like closure as much to the audience as it does to the musicians who created it.

We believe that 'The Absurd Man' cements Earth Moves as one of the most exciting and emotive bands that the UK has ever had to offer.

Track Listing

  1. I. The Absurd Man
  2. II. God’s Blood
  3. III. Reverie
  4. IV. Immortal

Pressing Information

25 x Black Lathe Cut 12" Vinyl
Hand pulled screen printed covers.
Hand numbered out of 25



What is Lathe Cut Vinyl?
This Earth Moves record has been cut in real-time onto a durable polycarbonate material. They are made by cutting grooves into the disc using a record lathe. These are not acetates, which degrade after only a few plays.

How do they sound?
The sound reproduction is not as accurate as with a vinyl pressing and each of the lathes has a slightly different sound. The plastic they are made from is prone to static build up, more so than vinyl. This can cause pops and cracks. This is easily dealt with by wiping the record with a damp cloth, in a circular motion with the grooves, and also by playing them. As the groove is cut into the plastic instead of pressed, there can be tiny particles of residue from the lathing process. A good wipe and a couple of plays will actually improve the sound quality of the record. Because the groove is slightly wider than on a conventional pressing, it is possible to place the stylus only partly within it, resulting in faint and tinny playback. It may take a couple of attempts to properly seat the stylus in the groove.

Will it wear out after a few plays?
No, this record is made from a durable, poly carbonate material, not cheap acetate. They are as durable as pressed vinyl. Look after them as you would pressed vinyl, and they will last indefinitely.

Will these play on any turntable?
Yes! But, be aware they don't play well on all turntables, especially cheap turntables without a weighted tonearm. However, they have all been play tested to make sure that they track on a properly weighted record player.

Why are they more expensive than other releases?
Economy of Scale, hand made etc etc. We've priced this record at £1 above what it is costing us to get them made, because we want to make something different and fun for everyone to pick up at a price that is not horrendous.

They don't sound as good as my Ja Rule record?
See above.

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