Who and what is Truthseeker Music?
Truthseeker is a small independent record label that is owned and run by Alex, Phill and Stephen.

Is Truthseeker and Holy Roar the same thing?

Will you release my band?
Probably not. We usually have our next 3 or 4 releases already planned out several months in advance. Having said that, we promise to listen to everything that gets submitted to us. At this time we are only looking to work with bands from the UK as we feel that our efforts are best spent supporting those within our own scene and community.

Can I intern for Truthseeker?
Unfortunately not. The label is run by three people in our spare time in our bedrooms and we do not typically require any additional support. Unless you want to do PR for us? We hate doing PR.

I want to review an upcoming record, who do I contact?
Please email alex@truthseekermusic.com or use the form on the contact page.


I have an issue with my order
Email us (info@truthseekermusic.com). Please don't contact us via Facebook or Instagram for these things as it's hard to keep track of issues if they are scattered across multiple platforms.

When are orders shipped?
We aim to get all orders shipped within 5 days. Please give us 14 days in the UK and 28 days internationally before asking where something is, as sometimes postage can be slow.

Where's my pre-order?
Estimated release dates are given when you preorder, but it is possible that this may change slightly. So far we have not missed any preorder release dates, but with continuous Beatles represses clogging up pressing plants, we may not always be so lucky. We will aim to notify you of any serious delays in preorders.

Can I pick up something from you so I don't have to pay postage?
Yes. Type 'NO POSTAGE' into the discount box on checkout. Be aware that this is to collect the item from Alex, Phill or Stephen, not from the band. Please email us first to see if we will be at the show you are attending.

I have a store or distro, can I get something at a wholesale price?
Yes, but we have a minimum order of 2 copies per release for wholesale pricing. You can view the current price list here. To place an order you can email us at info@truthseekermusic.com and we can work out the shipping for you.

If you live in the UK you can access our wholesale cost calculator here which will work out the postage for you, and then just click File > Download As > PDF and send us the spreadsheet at the email address above