Preorder Earth Moves debut LP

Earth Moves debut album 'The Truth In Our Bodies' boasts an abundance of musical influences. Whilst being rooted in metal and hardcore, they also incorporate elements of shoegaze, screamo and post rock.

Stream the debut single now on Punktastic and preorder from our store, or Through Love Records (DE)

Made up of guitarist, Samuel Ricketts, vocalist Jordan Hill, bassist Mark Portnoi and drummer Gary Marsden, Earth Moves flows in movements shaped by the dynamic performances, shifting energy and mood akin to human temperament.

This deeply personal album is laced with recurring themes of grief, loss and longing which is beautifully reinforced by Jordan's impassioned and moving vocal performance. 'The Truth in Our Bodies' is a statement of intent for Earth Moves, and showcases a band who in their short life have already matured enough to create a record which is incredibly musically diverse; split perfectly between moments that are equally both intimate and expansive.


'The Truth in Our Bodies' was recorded by Joe Clayton (Old Skin, Caïna) at Nø Studio, near Strangeways Prison in Manchester and was mastered by Brad Boatright (Converge, Yob, Old Man Gloom, Stranger Things) at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon. The album will be available on November 4th from Truthseeker Music in the UK and Through Love Records in Germany.

Stream 'Looking Wet in Public', the final album from Palehorse on the Metal Hammer site now!

We have teamed up with the lovely people at Metal Hammer to give you a full stream of Palehorse's final album, 'Looking Wet in Public' a couple of days ahead of its official release date.

Click this link to head to the Metal Hammer site for an interview with the band, and to hear the LP now.

And if  you're speedy enough, we still have a few copies of the vinyl left on our store here

Scared of Everything evolve from their emo roots with new EP, '2016'

Since their inception a little over 18 months ago, Scared of Everything have managed to tour most of the UK, and already have a handful of European shows under their belts, including most recently, an appearance at this years Miss The Stars Fest in Germany alongside the likes of Raein. 

Following some lineup changes earlier this year, the band have now refined their sound to be more chaotic than on previous recordings. '2016' shows a band with the potential to be a future shining star in the UK screamo scene. 

For this release we have formed our very own European Union with SmithsFoodGroup in the Netherlands. The cassette is limited to 50 copies, with 25 pink DIY spray paint tapes available from us, whilst SFG will have the other 25 for sale on their store. 

Recorded by Ben Samways and Cameron Reeves at Southampton Solent. 
Mixed and mastered by Joe Clayton at Nø Studio, Manchester.

London’s best kept post-rock secret, 52 Commercial Road return with a hypnotic new album

Following their work on the score for the hugely successful documentary "Still The Enemy Within", 52 Commercial Road are back with their phenominal fourth album. 

'Remote Connection' successfully melds elements of electronica, breaks, jazz and trip hop to a progressive alt-rock framework and dance music sensibility - yielding results which lurch from dark and brooding into sheer violence and from subtle shades of melancholy to broadening vistas of hope.

Based around the squatting community in London, 52 Commercial Road have existed in several configurations throughout the last decade. In the past this has ranged from line-ups of between 3 and 9 members, however, they currently write and perform as a four piece. Now embracing a more rhythmically dynamic, upbeat and energetic sound than on previous releases.

Returning again to work with their long-time producer, Samuel Navel (Adele, Two Door Cinema Club) at his studio in Paris, 'Remote Connection' showcases why 52 Commercial Road are one of the most crucial bands in the UK post-rock underground.


The UK's finest dual-bass, sludge masters PALEHORSE return with a stunning new album

London’s Palehorse continue to explore the murkier corners of the human condition with their distinct brand of blackened low-end doom, laced with dark humour, paradox and abject defeatism, and with doses of dirge, noise rock and hardcore cast into the mix.
Featuring an unsettling and snarling synth underbelly, vicious and unforgiving drumming, and vocals that are in turns desolate, dejected and panicked; the punishing dual-bass five-piece have announced a brand new album, 'Looking Wet in Public' which will be available this summer on Truthseeker Music. The album is the first since 'Harm Starts Here' was released on Candlelight Records in 2013.
Mantra-like sections collide with lurching rhythm shifts, as stories of paranoia, redemption and self-loathing arrive with the sort of relentless conviction that comes with giving up.
To promote this release, Palehorse will be taking part in a co-headline tour of the UK with perfect allies Ghold throughout the month of May, which will see the band travel to almost every major city in the UK.

Palehorse are about to leave listeners with the uncomfortable sense that something inevitable and horrifying is going to happen.

You can preorder the album digitally for just 50p on our bandcamp, and head to The Quietus to hear a the track from the album right now.

SONANCE once again proving they are peerless and consistently breathtaking

Having recently brought together SONANCE and TORPOR with their split LP, which has so far received a warm reception and is a true contender for album of the year, we are excited to reveal that SONANCE have yet more up their sleeves with a brand new EP, 'Blister The Maw'.



These six new tracks were recorded alongside the songs that went towards the SONANCE/TORPOR SPLIT. Whilst usually tending towards bone shattering heaviness that comes from heavy bass, distorted guitars and gargantuan drum sounds, 'Blister The Maw' sees the band focusing on a cinematic style that draws from their ambient/noise tendencies. This is not to say that they completely eschew their more ferocious sound, hinting towards hardcore and sludge on side B, and as ever featuring a tasteful level of string orchestration. Each output from SONANCE goes to reaffirm that they are one of the most exciting underground bands the UK has ever produced.


UK Doom Titans go head to head with a bone-crushing split 12" LP

We are pleased to bring together SONANCE and TORPOR on this exciting split LP, which sees both bands combine their bludgeoning sounds for what will be one of the heaviest and bleakest releases of 2016. Each band is bonded by low end, whilst focusing on differing aspects, and proves the UK is still capable of creating challenging and emotionally draining music that punishes sub woofers and threatens to induce tinnitus.

Opening the album is TORPOR, and whilst losing a vocalist may seem like a large obstacle for many bands to overcome, this has allowed TORPOR to develop their sound and roles as a 3 piece. There is an increased focus on sharing vocals between each member, exploring a darker, more atmospheric and effects driven sound yet becoming ever heavier. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio over 3 days in December 2015, these songs showcase TORPOR at their most devastating to date.

SONANCE have a tendency to balance passages of indiscriminate heavy noise with graceful, yet morose restraint. Never afraid to be complex or unsettling, beautiful and utterly crushing in equal measure. This is the third studio release from the band, and following 2012's LIKE GHOSTS and 2014's BLACKFLOWER, the three songs presented on this LP only go to reaffirm their unyielding vision. Mixed and mastered by the band itself, few can match their nuances.


Each band is having a song premiered today at Noisey. The album will be released digitally on Friday 12th February, and physically on April 15th.

Rope - Manteision Bodolaeth Preorder Now Live

Former Goodtime Boys return with a debut LP on Truthseeker

Rope are three friends from South Wales who play their own minimal, powerful and precise brand of guitar music. They formed in 2015 from the ashes of other noteworthy South Wales bands, including Goodtime Boys and Hunger Artist. 

Following their debut offering, a self titled cassette EP released via Palm Reader Records (Bastions, Creeper, Castles) the band now present us with their first LP, 'Manteision Bodolaeth; or The Perks of Being’ which was recorded live in 2 days with the accomplished Lewis Johns at the Ranch Production House. 

In the course of its 6 songs, the album brings to mind the visceral power of Shellac, the songmanship of Nick Cave and the kind of swirling atmospherics you might expect from Neurosis or Pink Floyd, all held together by a powerful vocal delivery and thoughtful lyrics. 

Even in the tentative stages of the band and despite their being only a three-piece, Rope are capable of obtaining a sound with a depth beyond any of their contemporaries.

Listen to Ohrwurm, the opening track of the album, right now at DIY Mag